Friday, April 4, 2014

Alex's Minion Birthday Party

My Nephew Alex turned six recently.  His family was busy preparing to move, so my mom and I thought we would help out by throwing him a minion birthday party. It was so much fun!  Here's what we did....(Fair warning, there are *a lot* of pictures)

This our main table

He wanted a moon cake with minions on top. I made a moist yellow cake mix and added rainbow sprinkles to the batter. Then I baked it in a big metal bowl so it was rounded like a moon.

My Mom and I made the faces on the yellow bags. We found all sorts of free printables online and printed the eyes, but we drew everything else. We filled them with a twinkie wrapped with a minion wrapper, bubbles, a banana of course, and a few other little things. 

Mom made a minion balloon on a stick for each kid to take home with them.  

Th first thing we did was paint moon rocks

Here's Alex painting his moon rock. Rocks from the garden washed, then boiled on the stove top. Then dried off. They are warm, so when you touch a crayon to them, the wax melts and you can color your rock. 

Here's Jake painting his.

After that, we sent the kids on a "Minion Rescue Mission".  Mom took Easter eggs and made these cute little guys.  We filled them with M&Ms. And then the kids had to rescue them.  

We put the bowl of minions at the end of this hallway, that is a maze of crepe paper laser beams. The kids had to duck and climb over lasers to rescue one minion and bring him safely back.

Here's Alex taking his turn through the laser maze. 

Then we played "Pin the Minion of the Rocket Ship".  I didn't get a picture of this, but mom drew a great rocket and we twirled kids around and very few got the minion on the rocket.  After that, we bowled for Evil Minions. I made these minions out of purple plastic cups and printed eyes. 

Can you see Jacob hiding behind the stack of Minions? He was a great helper and stacked up all the cups for the kids to try and knock over.  


 We used my sister Sarah's Happy Birthday banner...isn't it awesome! 

 We ate pizza for lunch

Sang Happy Birthday

 Blew out candles

 And blew them out again because they were TRICK candles. Here's Jacob, working on really blowing them out all the way. 

 Then we ate cake and ice cream and opened presents.

We finished the party and still had 20 minutes before parents picked up their kids. So, we watched the 3 Mini Minion Movies twice and sent them on their way. They had a great time and we had a great time. Happy Birthday Alex! 

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