Monday, March 5, 2012


I have often heard my parents talk about "Spudnuts" and how good they were.....what are they? A raised doughnut that has mashed potato in it....hence the "spud".  So, after church yesterday I decided, on a whim, to try to make some.  I found this Spudnut recipe online, made up the dough, and then enlisted my brother Jesse to fry them up. They were surprisingly good! The potato makes them light and airy and they tasted very similar to a crispy cream. 

The recipe said it made 4 dozen....and truly, it does...we got tired of frying doughnuts after a few dozen and decided to make the rest of the dough into cinnamon rolls.  We had way too many sweets in the house after that baking escapade, so I took doughnuts and cinnamon rolls around to some to friends and neighbors last night, which left us with only a few more doughnuts to eat today. I have to say that they are not as good when they are a day old.  The cinnamon rolls, however are still delicious. 

I've decided that I really like what potato does to the texture of bread. I recently added potato flakes to whole wheat rolls and the result was an nice, airy texture that you wouldn't expect from whole wheat.  Next time you make bread dough, you should throw in some potato flakes and see what happens! You might like what you get...