Saturday, January 9, 2010

With a cherry on top!

Today was the Lafayette Quaker Oatmeal Festival. It happens here every year and includes a 5K run, an oatmeal breakfast with a huge topping bar, and a baking contest. I entered the contest once before with a different recipe and nothing came of it. This year, I decided to enter the recipe that I created for the Pillsbury contest since it met the "1 cup of oatmeal in the recipe" requirement. So, I baked my Cherry Chocolate Fudge Bars yesterday and cut them up into bite-size pieces for sampling and mom put a cherry piece on each one for garnish. I put each piece into a mini-cupcake paper and filled up my mini-cupcake tree and took it over and entered them in the contest. They looked so pretty! I wish I had taken a picture, but the best I could do is take a picture of what is left in the pan so you can see what they look like.

I dropped off my bars to be judged by the officials and tasted by the public and then I ran off for a full day of teaching. The winners were announced at noon and since I couldn't be there, my parents went to pick up my cupcake tree and see if I won anything. After a long day of teaching I came home this afternoon and found THIS on the counter waiting for me.....

What, you can't see the sign? Well, let me zoom in......
That's right! I won 1st Place in the Desserts category!!! YAY!!!! Look at that happy smiling Quaker man on the oatmeal box. That's exactly what I looked like when I saw it (Just with shorter, brown-er hair *wink* ) I was so excited. I ACTUALLY won a prize in a baking contest! Who would have guessed. Here's a picture of everything that I got for winning. The cake pans are heavy and nice and I love the bowls. The spatula is a high heat resistant silicone - I've always wanted one of those. I even got a shot glass liquid teaspoon measure and free oatmeal. What more could a girl want??? See, good things do happen even when you have a bad haircut ;)

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  1. Congrats on the official win. Very impressive. Woohoooooo!